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HerBusiness ~ Perfect Your Pitch Offer

HerBusiness Premium Member Offer:

“Perfect Your Pitch” Frances is great with helping people find the right words. She will work with you and show you what words to use and how to talk about your business in a way that connects you and your purpose with your target client.

For HerBusiness Premium Members only she is offering this at a special price of $495 + GST.
Price listed below includes GST ($544.50)

Spend 2 x 1 hour sessions with Frances to uncover and create the right words to capture your perfect pitch.
Framesworks and worksheets are provided before and during the sessions.
Sessions are recorded and made available for you to review afterwards so you can capture the exact words to say.


What people say:

"Fran I loved working with you.  You tailored the course to what I wanted and needed to understand about the sales process. You gave me a practical and achievable roadmap to sales success. Eliminating the idea that it is two opposing forces and showed me it is more like two allies working together for the same happy outcome."

"Fran I love that you could help me understand sales in a way that makes me feel comfortable and real.  Now I know it doesn't need to be icky and pushy - thank you!"

Let's get started in your sales success!!


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