KISS to Sell Online Sales Training Program

Keep It Simple Skills (KISS) to Sell is an 8 week, comprehensive program that will give you all you need to feel more confident & successful in the essential sales role in your business.

It is self-paced, online sales training program designed for business owners who don’t have time to spend at a weeklong sales training course. Deliberately jargon-free, KISS To Sell explains sales concepts in “real language” to they make sense in a business-to-business (B2B) world.

The KISS Program Materials

For 8 weeks you will receive:

  • A new KISS to Sell sales training video (15-20 minutes) introducing the next 3 KISS concepts
  • A new KISS to Sell Workbook with concrete ideas and activies you can put into action each week
  • Extra material to make sure you have th einside track on using the video and your workbook for maximum effect on your business

The KISS to Sell workbooks will soon become your sales bible. In each workbook you’ll find more detail about each new KISS concept, exercises and tools to help you learn with plenty of space to write notes. Most importantly there is plenty of room to document your observations from your sales practice (that’s right, you have to practise!).

The videos, the emails and the workbook all work together to keep you on track through the KISS to Sell sales training program.

The KISS Results

On completion of the KISS to Sell online sales training you will improve your selling through:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what your clients are searching for
  • Be more confident about connecting their need with what you do
  • Create a sales process that makes it easy for your clients to do business with you
  • Develop a sales style that fits with your personality (that you can adapt to different clients)

When you adopt the KISS to Sell program and you practise what you learn, you will become more successful when it comes to selling.


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