Gangway - Sales Tips for Pirates - Blimey!

19th September 2014 | By Frances Pratt

Pirate Fran

Ahoy there me matey ... batten down the hatches, it is International Speak Like A Pirate Day ... and here arrrr some sales tips for ya!  To help you find your own pieces of eight.

Here are yar Sales Tips for Pirates !

Pirate Sales Tip #1

I know yer are after the treasure ... but to be sure you will find the treasure if you focus on yer crew and make sure yer business is ship shape.  Do the right thing by your clients, and they will love you and not make you walk the plank.

Pirate Sales Tip #2

Don't be spineless .... If ye not be sure what your client is thinking?  Hoist the anchor; the only thing to do is to sail out and ask your client yourself! "Ahoy there, what are you thinkin'?"

Pirate Sales Tip #3

Ye 'ave two ears n' one mouth ... so you should listen twice as much as you talk so that ye clients don't nail yer gizzards to the mast.

Pirate Sales Tip #4

Know your swashbuckling tale (who ye are, why ye are the way ye are, what scurvy ridden problem ye solve) Tales help ye crew of customers engage.

Pirate Sales Tip #5

Shiver me timbers ... Great pirate selling ain't about hoodwinking ye crew of clients.  Its about striking yer colours and helping people know what they want and how to get it.

Thank ye all for yer time today.  I'll be shipping out to find me own treasure, and I hope ye find yours on International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Feel free to add yer own Pirate Sales Tips below !!

With thanks to .... Pirate Lite (iphone app) for translations and iArrPirateFree (iphone app) for my improved photo.

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