Welcome to the Roaring 20's

8th January, 2020 | By Frances Pratt

Roaring 20s

As we start a new decade, I was inspired to look backwards to the 1920’s and to use this to really think about our opportunities for this decade.  Thank you to Fiona J Lindsay for the inspiration!

A hundred years ago the roaring 20’s was a time of economic prosperity, known as the crazy years partly spurred on by a post war boom.  It was a time of cultural prosperity and expression, with jazz and art deco.  For women there was a real emancipation with the right to vote and liberties around their personal choices from clothing to hair styles to more personal choices.  The 1920's was the birthplace of mass culture and icons such as the Model T Ford, movie stars all driven by the masses.   It was the genesis of modernity and a breaking from the traditions of the last century.

So as we roar into a new 20’s I wanted to stop and think about what we can learn and how we can set an intention for our new decade.

The NEW woman

The 1920’s was known as a time of the new woman.  Suffrage, movie stars, working, appliances in the kitchen, less restructive hair and clothing styles. 

A hundred years on I can can see the birth of a new level of emancipation for womenkind.  Where we are roaring, not through frustration, but through joy and with a solid understanding of our capabilities and potential.  A coming of age.

As I write this, I think of the inspiring women who leading some of the most amazing changes to our society.  From politics to business and in our commnunities.  These women are finding their own way of doing things that intelligently embraces motherhood, community and compassion.  Women are leading a real and sustainable change in our society and I for one can’t wait to see what this decade brings.

The Death of Mass Culture

A hundred years ago the birth of mass culture came with factories, marketing, new companies and ideas that were borne from the desire to meet and feed the needs of the masses. 

Now we are seeing an opposite swing.  People are aware of the global mass market, but are yearning for the village reality.  A way that we can still intimately know and be known in a global world.  To me this is about the key focus on how a product, service, political party or movement addresses an individual needs and ambitions.  

Niching our ideas and delivery around who it is we serve and how we serve them is now vitally important.  Else we recede into the mass blur of (dare I say it) too much modernity.

The Jazz Age

When I think about Jazz I see deeply skilled experts who discover new ways to express themselves.  This comes from a solid foundation, a deep understanding of how ideas, music and thought is formed - but with a twist.  Improvisation and new ideas expressed differently, in a way that has more meaning and more impact. 

This decade I would love to see this happen again.  Let your ideas spin and whirl and recreate around the foundations and key concepts of your art.  Find new expressions that inspire and surprise. 

So my friends, I would love to know what colour your roar is going to be. How are you going to break out and through the barriers that may be limiting you and roar into 2020.

Here’s to a Raorsome Year !

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