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Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of website Terms and Conditions of Use
By using this website you agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions. KISS to Sell may, without notice, amend or modify its Terms & Conditions by posting the amended Terms & Conditions to this website.

If any of these Terms & Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that invalidity or unenforceability will not affect the remainder of the Terms & Conditions, which will continue in full force and effect.

This website and the KISS to Sell program is a trademark and business name owned and operated by Metisan Pty Ltd ACN 147 455 356 (hereinafter referred to as “Metisan”, “KISS to Sell”, “we”, “us” and “our”)

Intended audience
All information provided on this website has been prepared in accordance with Australian law, and is intended for use by residents of Australia. Persons residing outside of Australia use this website at their own risk, and should take into consideration the legislative requirements of their country of residence when accessing this website. Should you choose to purchase services and/or products from KISS to Sell you should confirm that doing so will not constitute a contravention of the laws of your country of residence.

Restrictions on Use
All information provided on this website has been provided for personal and commercial use regarding sales and sales techniques. It is general information only, and if required, you should seek further professional advice from people aware of your individual circumstances.

The information on this website is obtained and developed from a variety of sources including but not limited to collaborations with third parties. Where the information provided has been developed by KISS to Sell, whether in its own right or in conjunction with any third party, that information is based on independent research and the available information at the time of writing. Inclusion of information on this website or links to third party sites is not an endorsement of any organisation, product or service.

While care has been taken in preparing the content of the material and any other information provided on this website, KISS to Sell and its employees, related parties, directors, officers, committee members, honoraries, research fellows, servants, agents, volunteers, contractors, subcontractors and collaborators cannot accept any liability, including for any loss or damage, resulting from the reliance on the content, or for its accuracy, currency and completeness.   Any use of KISS to Sell materials or information by another person or organisation is at the user’s own risk.

The KISS to Sell Program is purchased under individual licence and is not permitted to be distributed to other parties.  If we become aware of this practise by you, we may, at our complete discretion, terminate your program access rights to the material and the member only areas of this website.

Intellectual Property
All KISS to Sell logos and program names are used under licence by KISS to Sell, or are owned by KISS to Sell, unless otherwise stated.

All content on this website including logos, brand names, text, photographs, information, statistics, images and other material is protected by copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws in Australia.

KISS to Sell logo and other materials must not be reproduced or used in any way unless KISS to Sell provides its prior approval in writing.

Reproduction of any part of this website without the express permission of KISS to Sell is illegal unless otherwise indicated. Where reproduction is permitted, only one copy of the material may be made, and that copy may only be used for personal purposes. Where reproduction is permitted you must not amend or edit the material in any way, and KISS to Sell asserts its right to be recognised as the author.

When purchasing the KISS to Sell Program you are granted a right to use the KISS to Sell material, for the duration of the course and for your own use.  Distribution of this material to others is not permitted and may result in the immediate termination of your membership credentials to the website and access to the materials.

Indemnity, Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability
Whilst due care has been taken in the preparation of the content of this website we make no representations regarding the accuracy, currency or reliability of the information provided unless otherwise indicated, and note there may be errors, omissions and typographical errors contained in the material provided.

This website and the material it contains are provided on an as-is basis, and to the fullest extent permitted by law we disclaim all warranties. In addition we do not warrant that this website is error free or that the website and/or the servers it is hosted on are free of viruses, Trojans or other malicious software.

KISS to Sell and its employees, directors, officers, committee members, honoraries, research fellows, servants, agents, volunteers, contractors, subcontractors and collaborators will not be liable for any loss or damage other than that which cannot be excluded by law arising as a result of use of this website or reliance on any information provided on this website.

You agree to indemnify KISS to Sell including its employees, directors, officers, committee members, honoraries, research fellows, servants, agents, volunteers, contractors, subcontractors and collaborators from any loss or damage which it may suffer as a result of your use of this website.

KISS to Sell Programs & Merchandising
KISS to Sell runs various programs. Should you choose to participate in or attend any of these programs or events you do so at your own risk.

KISS to Sell programs and events may have their own specific terms and conditions, which are separate and in addition to these website Terms & Conditions. Where an inconsistency exists between the program/event Terms & Conditions and these website Terms & Conditions, the program/event Terms & Conditions will prevail.

KISS to Sell may from time to time make available for purchase on its website/s certain KISS to Sell merchandise (including but not limited to booklets & brochures, training books, apparel, umbrellas, DVDs/Videos, and accessories).

Under the Australian Consumer Law (Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010) a number of Consumer Guarantees may attach to goods purchased through KISS to Sell’s websites from 1 January 2011 onwards. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding goods purchased through our websites please contact Customer Service on email kiss@metisan.com.au

Unless otherwise provided for, we expressly limit our liability for breach of a consumer guarantee to the provision of a full refund of the purchase price, or the repair or replacement of the goods or supply of equivalent goods at our sole discretion.

All prices listed on this website include GST where it is applicable and are in Australian Dollars.

Hyperlinks, Advertising, Sponsors & Third Party Content
This website may contain the content of third parties (Third Party Content). This content may include, but is not limited to hyperlinks to external (third party) websites, paid advertisements and mention of program sponsors. None of these things is to be taken as an endorsement, recommendation or approval of the third party, advertiser or sponsor or their products or services. KISS to Sell accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, currency or suitability or otherwise regarding Third Party Content. Any use or reliance on such content is at your own risk and KISS to Sell does not accept liability for any loss, damage, costs or expenses arising as a result of the use or reliance.

Where hyperlinks to third party websites are provided, KISS to Sell makes no claims regarding the suitability or otherwise of the third party’s products or services to your needs, nor does it warrant the third party website is free of viruses, Trojans or other malicious software.

Should you have any queries, concerns or complaints regarding a third party’s website please refer your query, concern or complaint to the third party.

KISS to Sell logo must not be reproduced or used in any way unless KISS to Sell provides its prior approval in writing.

Should you wish to provide a link to this website from another site you may do so provided you adhere to the following terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions for providing a link to this website from another site :
Permission is granted to link to this website subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. No responsibility or liability lies with KISS to Sell (or any employee, contractor, associate, agent or servant) for any errors or omissions resulting from use of this website.

2. Under no circumstances should your site use the link to KISS to Sell website to provide specific product or service endorsement or promotion. Nor should the link be placed to imply product or service endorsement or be associated with commercial interests.

3. KISS to Sell reserves the right to withdraw permission to link to this website at any time and the above named organisation agrees to remove any link to this website on receiving such notice from KISS to Sell.

4. No information, in whole or in part, is to be copied from the website without KISS to Sell’s prior consent in writing.

Pricing Policy

All of our prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and include GST (Goods and services tax) as of. Product prices are updated as changes are made to the products.

Shipping and Delivery Policy

Metisan Pty Ltd deliver products Australia wide and internationally via the Internet.

Orders are dispatched within 2 business days from receipt of your order.  

All prices displayed on this website include shipping costs.

Customer Service Policy

Metisan Pty Ltd is committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality products.  We endeavour to make sure that all products listed on our website are currently in stock and pricing is true and correct. Standard delivery timeframes are between 1-2 business days; in the event that an ordered item is not available or we are unable to fulfil your order we will notify you within 2 business days to arrange an agreeable alternative item, a backorder or a full refund. 

Refund Policy

Please choose carefully.  We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.  You can choose between a refund, exchange or credit where goods are faulty, have been wrongly described, are different to the product purchased on the website or doesn’t perform as advertised.

Privacy Policy

Metisan Pty Ltd is dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information, we collect in relation to you, is kept strictly secured. We do not pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone. We use this information to identify your orders, provide you with our monthly newsletter and other electronic contact and to personalise your shopping experience with us; that's all. Metisan Pty Ltd uses cookies to allow you to login to your account, maintain a shopping cart and to purchase items in your shopping cart. Cookies sent to your computer from Metisan Pty Ltd only last while you’re browsing our website. We do not store persistent cookies on your computer. Cookies also allow us to give you a more personalised shopping experience by displaying products that interest you throughout our product pages, thus providing you with a more friendly, interesting and enjoyable shopping experience.

Whenever you use our web site, or any other web site, the computer on which the web pages are stored (the Web server) needs to know the network address of your computer so that it can send the requested web pages to your Internet browser. The unique network address of your computer is called its "IP address," and is sent automatically each time you access any Internet site. From a computer's IP address, it is possible to determine the general geographic location of that computer, but otherwise it is anonymous.

We do not keep a record of the IP addresses from which users access our site except where you have specifically provided us with information about yourself, in which case we also record your IP address for security purposes. An example of this would be when proceeding to a checkout to finalise an order you may wish to make. After completing the form provided, your IP address will be stored along with a transaction number that allows us to track your order.

Security Policy

When purchasing from Metisan Pty Ltd your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. 128-bit SSL encryption is the current industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our customer support centre kiss@metisan.com.au